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The racial wealth gap in the US

The five largest landowners in America, all white, own more rural land than all of Black America combined.

Land Theft: The Alarming Racial Wealth Gap in America Today ‹ Literary Hub (

Finance Health care, not insurance premia

Comparative research on healthcare financing options shows revenue-financed healthcare to be the most cost-effective, efficient, and equitable, while all health insurance imposes avoidable additional costs.

Finance Healthcare, Not Insurance Premia | Inter Press Service (

On the relevance of the European Social Charter

The European Social Charter has often been the poor relation of the European Convention on Human Rights. That may be changing.

European Social Charter: more relevant than ever (

Public funding for private health care?

Mounting evidence shows that this funding is going to expensive out-of-reach private hospitals and clinics in low- and middle-income countries that are widening healthcare inequalities, exacerbating poverty and gender-based discrimination and violating human rights. Far from advancing progress towards Universal Health Coverage as governments have committed, this form of development finance is undermining it. 

Open statement: stop spending development funds on for-profit private healthcare providers | Oxfam International

Is this what aid was meant to be?

A critical analysis of Official development Aid in 2023, by Eurodad

ODA-2023-briefing-jun18-EN.pdf (

Government Debt is only a symptom

 Developing country governments are being blamed for irresponsibly borrowing too much. The resulting debt stress has blocked investments and growth in this unequal and unfair world economic order.

Government Debt Is Symptom, Not Cause | Inter Press Service (

Poverty Inc.

How helping the poor becamebig business

The Rise of Poverty Inc. – The Atlantic

Land grabs squeeze the rural poor

A worldwide phenomenon: since 2008, farmland acquisitions have doubled prices worldwide, squeezing family farmers and other poor rural communities. Such land grabs are worsening inequality, poverty, and food insecurity.

Land Grabs Squeeze Rural Poor Worldwide | Inter Press Service (

Cleaners come out of the shadows

‘The EU’s ultra-liberal policies can even be found in Parliament’s toilets’ read the lead into a recent media investigation of cleaners’ abysmal working conditions in the European Parliament. The findings—including the fear of speaking to journalists—should not come as any surprise.

Cleaners come out from the shadows to mobilise (

Why Inequality matters …

On Labour’s ‘deselection’ of a candidate who fights inequality …

Why Wealth Inequality Matters, Part 2: Reflections on the deselection of Faiza Shaheen | LSE Inequalities

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