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A New Public Health System?

Interesting lessons from the COVID-19 crisis!

Latin America can lead the way on a new public health model | Coronavirus pandemic | Al Jazeera

Recommendation on minimum income!

Thirty years ago, in 1992, the European Council adopted a Recommendation on the requirements for minimum incomes! One cannot say its con sequen ces were overwhelming.

But now, just two days ago, a new Recommendation was adopted! The fact that some attention was given to the topic is certainly good news, what the concrete consequences will be remains to be seen.

Council adopts recommendation on adequate minimum income – Consilium (


How being dependent on one another can be the best recipe for peace!

(Inter)dependency | Meer

(the article also exists in Spanish and French

The Left and Freedom

Democratic socialists must take back the concept of freedom from the libertarians, Robert Misik writes in ‘Social Europe’

Neoliberals have for decades been reducing the concept to mere ‘economic’ freedom, their worldview one in which individuals exist only as isolated atoms, each looking out for their own self-interest in antagonism to one another. ‘Freedom’ then paradoxically becomes the right of the strongest to prevail in a Hobbesian war of all against all.

Platform workers need strong legal protection

2023 can become an important year for the platform economy. A strong EU directive might be decided, finally improving conditions for workers

Read the IPS article

A Global Debt Explosion

An overview of different articles on the current situation in the South, different eminent authors:

Project Syndicate

Demystifying Bretton Wood’s discourse on public services

Drawing on the specific case of IMF and World Bank’s response to the multiple crisis triggered by the pandemic, a journal article shows that there is a discourse-practice disjuncture in the Bretton Woods institutions approach to public services as they continue to favour austerity and market-oriented solutions for the delivery of public services. The article therefore seeks to demystify the institutions rhetoric and demand the adoption of a different way of understanding public services, and social policy more broadly.

Read Eurodad’s article

2023: A more just world is still possible

Eurodad Director Jean Saldanha looks forward to the challenges and solutions in 2023.

2023: A more just world is still possible – Eurodad

Making labour law fit for all those who work

EU anti-discrimination law applies to all ‘personal work’, the Court of Justice has ruled.

Read the Social Europe article

ILO Recommendation on Social Protection Floors: Can we overestimate its importance?

Interesting reflections from the Global Coalition for Social Protection Floors:

Social Protection on Tumblr

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