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Workers should have no rights!

Ban the Unions! They mean it!

America’s Richest Men Ask the Courts to Make Unions Illegal – The American Prospect

WTO unfit for purpose

The World Trade Organisation (WTO) is meeting  in Abu Dhabi from 26-29 February 2024 for its 13th Ministerial Conference (MC13) when peasant unrest is being reported from across the world. Since January 2023, farmers have been protesting in at least 65 countries including Africa, Europe and Latin America. In Asia, more than 10 countries have witnessed mobilisations by peasants in the run-up to the four-day conference which will bring together delegates and Ministers from 164 countries to discuss issues related to fisheries, agriculture and digital trade. 

STATEMENT: WTO is unfit for purpose in an era of multiple crises; It is time for an Alternative International Trade Framework based on Food Sovereignty | Focus on the Global South (

On the far right rhetoric

Many Europeans hold exclusionary and restrictive notions of national identity, which set high barriers to the acceptance of immigrants in national societies. Until recent years, however, relatively few acted on these notions by voting for parties with restrictive positions on immigration.

This relationship now seems to have changed, with increasing success for the far right. What has caused this change? Our recent research provides an answer.

Adopting far-right rhetoric increases far-right votes (

Perspectives and Challenges for Debt Justice

The global south debt crisis is no longer a risk, but a very tangible reality. Increasing debt payments are crippling governments’ ability to provide essential public services and tackle the climate crisis. 

Debt service, including both domestic and external debt payments, is absorbing an average 38 per cent of budget revenue and 30 per cent of spending across the global south. This rises to 54 per cent of revenue and 40 per cent of spending in Africa, according to a Debt Service Watch report

Debt justice in 2024: challenges and prospects in a full-blown debt crisis – Eurodad

Towards a UN Tax Convention

After an historic breakthrough at the UN General Assembly in November 2023, the UN has now started the negotiation of the terms of reference for a new Framework Convention on International Tax Cooperation. This week, the first round of negotiations was concluded at the UN Headquarters in New York. Despite the fact that 48 governments – mainly from OECD countries – voted no to the decision in November 2023, all governments now came together this week and found consensus on the road ahead.

UN reaches global consensus on the road ahead towards a Tax Convention – Eurodad

Do Philanthropists Skew Global Health research?

A most interesting question for the ‘Bill Gates’ of this world!

The ‘Bill Gates problem’: do billionaire philanthropists skew global health research? (

Reforming the European Workers’ Council

Might be a positive development …

European Works Councils: on a road to further reform (

Inequality and Methodology

For those wondering how Oxfam arrives at its inequality statistics, here is their methodology report:

Davos 2024 Methodology Note.pdf (

Early Child Education and Care

On the importance of care and care workers…

Quality early years services: building the future Europe (

The age of Trillionaires

How to stop it?

We’re fast approaching the era of the trillionaire. What can we do to stop it? | Atossa Araxia Abrahamian | The Guardian

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