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Cleaners come out of the shadows

‘The EU’s ultra-liberal policies can even be found in Parliament’s toilets’ read the lead into a recent media investigation of cleaners’ abysmal working conditions in the European Parliament. The findings—including the fear of speaking to journalists—should not come as any surprise.

Cleaners come out from the shadows to mobilise (

Why Inequality matters …

On Labour’s ‘deselection’ of a candidate who fights inequality …

Why Wealth Inequality Matters, Part 2: Reflections on the deselection of Faiza Shaheen | LSE Inequalities

International Domestic Workers’ Day

he ITUC demands democratic workplace rights for all domestic workers as it stands in solidarity with them this International Domestic Workers’ Day, 16 June.

International Domestic Workers’ Day: democracy and decent work for all domestic workers – International Trade Union Confederation (

Child food poverty …

Sadly, the fact that vast numbers of very young children are deprived of the food types they need to develop properly may be little surprise, but the sheer scale of the crisis still has the power to shock.

Child Food Poverty | UNICEF

Democratic Workers’ rights crumbling …

The 2024 ITUC Global Rights Index makes for difficult reading – a clear and urgent wake-up call that the democratic values and fundamental rights agreed upon by most countries at an international level are crumbling.

The UN’s Pact for the Future

The South Centre and the Transnational Institute organized on 11 April of 2024 in Geneva a pivotal dialogue on the expected outcomes of the forthcoming United Nations (UN) Summit of the Future. The dialogue was specifically designed to allow International Geneva to dissect and exchange ideas on the ongoing negotiation process towards the ‘Pact for the Future’.

The dialogue brought together representatives from developing countries, scholars, researchers, and civil society organisations (CSOs) in a collective effort to deliberate on the Summit’s objectives and the proposed outcome document.

SouthNews: Geneva Dialogue on the UN ‘Pact for the Future’ (

ILO: Towards a Renewed Social Contract

“The constant attention paid to wealth will cause the nation one day to be faced with
an immense mass of people hostile to its institutions, disdaining all that was once
held sacred and delivering itself into the hands of the most savage demagogues.”

Towards a renewed social contract. Report of the ILO Director-General | International Labour Organization

Trade Unions can defeat the Far Right

People who feel more empowered at work are less likely to agree with extreme-right arguments

Trade unions can defeat Europe’s far right – Democracy and society | IPS Journal (

Can Democracy and Billionaires co-exist?

One person, one vote. The classic essence of democracy. But what if that one person happens to be a fabulously rich? Does that one person actually have just “one” vote? Can we have anything approaching democracy when some among us are sitting on fortunes grander than the rest of us can even imagine?

Can Democracy and Billionaires Coexist? –

Beware of the ‘little man’ sorcerers

European workers enjoy more social support than five years ago but the far right and strict austerity are looming threats.

European elections: beware the ‘little man’ sorcerers (

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