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Free Trade Deception in Africa

The World Bank has exaggerated probable gains from the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) to promote partial and uneven trade liberalisation that is unlikely to enhance development on the continent.

Migrant Labour in the GIG Economy

Platform work is often presented as a stepping-stone for migrant workers. It may not however feel so benign to them.

Migrant labour in the ‘gig’ economy: progress or trap? (

The World Bank and Social Protection

The World Bank Group promotes a model of social protection
via poverty-targeted programmes that are error-strewn and can
cause social unease, and set back progress towards universal
social protection. But a global coalition, led by borrowing govern
ments themselves, is fighting back. This briefing is based on Mat
thew’s book, Beyond the World Bank: The Fight for Universal Social
Protection in the Global South, which explores the Bank’s approach
to social protection.

WBG-Social-protection-Mathew-Greenslade-FINAL-web.pdf (

WB-IMF Spring Meetings:

ITUC: Time for democratisation of global institutions

The ITUC calls for a major democratic reform of the international financial architecture as a key demand in its For Democracy campaign, as the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank hold their spring meetings.

IMF-World Bank Spring Meetings: Time for a democratic reform of global institutions – International Trade Union Confederation (

Class dismissed? The economic mystery of our times

Inequality was traditionally the central concern of economists—until it wasn’t. It may be time to re-read the classics.

Exactly what Branco Milanovic did!

Class dismissed (

Social Citizenship in the EU?

n a more precarious Europe, social protection and minimum-income guarantees must be more strongly embedded.

Stepping up the EU agenda on social citizenship (

Wage Inequality in Europe is Falling

Institutional and economic factors supporting workers are offsetting well-adverted global trends affecting wage distribution.

Wage inequality in Europe—and why it is falling (

A new concept of ‘worker’?

The distinction between employed and self-employed is becoming incoherent and outdated.

Social Europe needs a new concept of ‘worker’

Universalism and social rights

Social rights in Europe today require marrying 20th-century universalism with the meeting of diverse, complex needs.

Rethinking universalism and social rights (

Against tied aid

Preventing donor countries from getting rich on their own aid …

The OECD Development Assistance Committee (ODA) is conducting a review of its Recommendation on Untying ODA (Official Development Assistance, or aid). In this blog, Eurodad’s aid expert Matthew Simonds examines how wealthy countries are continuing to profit from both formal and informal tied aid.

Exposing Tied Aid: Preventing donor countries from getting rich on their own aid – Eurodad

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