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Social Citizenship in the EU?

n a more precarious Europe, social protection and minimum-income guarantees must be more strongly embedded.

Stepping up the EU agenda on social citizenship (

Wage Inequality in Europe is Falling

Institutional and economic factors supporting workers are offsetting well-adverted global trends affecting wage distribution.

Wage inequality in Europe—and why it is falling (

A new concept of ‘worker’?

The distinction between employed and self-employed is becoming incoherent and outdated.

Social Europe needs a new concept of ‘worker’

Universalism and social rights

Social rights in Europe today require marrying 20th-century universalism with the meeting of diverse, complex needs.

Rethinking universalism and social rights (

Against tied aid

Preventing donor countries from getting rich on their own aid …

The OECD Development Assistance Committee (ODA) is conducting a review of its Recommendation on Untying ODA (Official Development Assistance, or aid). In this blog, Eurodad’s aid expert Matthew Simonds examines how wealthy countries are continuing to profit from both formal and informal tied aid.

Exposing Tied Aid: Preventing donor countries from getting rich on their own aid – Eurodad

Charitable Misgiving

It is not a good time for billionaires. Amassing fortunes of money does not seem to lead to happiness.  

Alleged billionaire Donald Trump may soon embody the adage, “a fool and his money are soon parted.” For others, escalating adventures lead to tragic death, as was the case of billionaires Hamish Harding and Shahzada Dawood in a submersible, or a car race crash like James Crown. Briefly, we were exposed to the possibility of some sort of fist fight between billionaires Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg. The cage match was ultimately called off by Zuckerberg after he accused Elon Musk of “wasting his time.”  

Charitable misgiving: The modern billionaire philanthropist  | The Hill

Debt crisis looms larger

Developing countries are being blamed for having borrowed and spent irresponsibly. But they have only been doing what foreign powers and financial interests have urged them to do.

Developing Countries’ Government Debt Crises Loom Larger | Inter Press Service (

The case for a Radical, Liberal Left

We should counter the radical right, Robert Misik writes, not with left-wing populism but the power of reason.

The case for a radical, liberal left (

The EU Platform Work Directive

Having seen off the platforms’ obstruction, the battle moves to how the directive will be transposed and implemented at the national levels.

Platform work directive—delivering rights for all (

Universal Basic Services

Meeting social needs within planetary boundaries is the alternative to the religion of growth and the populist backlash.

Universal basic services: road to a just transition (

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