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HomeCare and domestic workers deserve better

A survey shows an alarming malaise in a sector heavily dominated by women and migrant workers.

Homecare and domestic workers deserve better (socialeurope.eu)

Robots and social care

What about the human touch?

‘Carebots’ are the mooted solution to the ageing crisis and staff shortages—but empathy and compassion are irreplaceable.

Robots in social care: the human touch at risk (socialeurope.eu)

Early Child Education and Care

On the importance of care and care workers…

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UN International Day for Care and Support

The Resolution for the International Day for Care and Support on 29 October recognises the legacy of the trade union International Day for Care initiated just four years ago to accelerate investment in the care economy.

The UN International Day aims to raise awareness of the importance of care and the need to invest in a resilient and inclusive care economy. It reflects key union demands, including the creation of quality care jobs and increasing the rewards for and representation of care workers. It needs to go further on explicit recognition of unions as key stakeholders, the promotion of social dialogue and ILO labour standards related to the care economy agenda but unions will work through ILO, UN Women and OHCHR who are responsible for promoting the day to achieve these goals.

ITUC Acting General Secretary Luc Triangle said :

“The UN’s recognition of 29 October as the International Day for Care is testament to the work done by carers and unions to promote the care agenda. It is a major step forward for women, for carers and those they care for, and for society as a whole. Unions will continue to campaign for increased investment, decent wages and social dialogue to the International Day to life.”

This 29 October, the ITUC and its affiliates will promote the care priorities enshrined in the ITUC’s 5th Congress Statement and outcomes of the 4th World Women’s Conference, by calling on governments to engage in social dialogue for adequate public investment in a resilient and inclusive care economy, including :

 – The recognition, reduction and redistribution of unpaid care work with income ; rewards for care work, more and decent care jobs ; and ensuring representation of care workers through collective bargaining and social dialogue.

 – A well-regulated care economy which ensures universal access to quality public health, care and education services, realizes women’s right to work, ends systemic discrimination and occupational segregation and care jobs which are formal and decent, with safe working conditions, free from gender-based violence and harassment, and adequately remunerated, including equal pay for work of equal value, and covered by social protection.

 – The adoption of care leave policies : Inclusive labour market policies, family-friendly workplace polices and gender responsive social protection grant a more equitable sharing of care responsibilities and promote flexible working arrangements on a gender-neutral basis.

Let’s Kick Private Equity Out of Nursing Homes

NOT ONLY IN THE US8 Private equity’s presence in health care has been, in a word, disastrous. The complex financialized ownership structure that private equity has imposed on health care facilities has shuttered rural health care providers, overcharged and denied care to elderly patients, and even delayed wheelchair repairs. In nursing homes, private equity has killed. Americans for Financial Reform has uncovered deeply concerning levels of infection and death in private equity-owned nursing homes compared to all others.  A broad-based coalition is now circulating a petition to demand that policy makers protect nursing homes from Wall Street greed. Add your name and, at the link below, learn more about what we can do. Americans for Financial Reform’s campaigner Ricardo Valadez explains federal proposals to mandate nursing home ownership transparency and create safe nurse-to-patient ratios. 
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Care rights: a major agenda for the left

Jose Soeiro analyses why it is important to put care at the centre of the political debate to fight inequalities, and why making care a universal social right and collective responsibility should be the aim of a demanding democracy.

Care Rights: A Major Agenda For the Left (transform-network.net)