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The Modern Form of Colonialism: Climate Change

“We praise charity efforts to combat climate change in countries like Bangladesh as generous, without critiquing why they are made necessary in the first place”

With facts and numbers…

Read the article by Tapti Sen

Assessing the Delivery of the 100 Billion US$ for climate action

In 2009, high-income countries committed in the Copenhagen Accords to mobilize US$100 billion a year by 2020 in climate finance for low- and middle-income countries. Oxfam reported on the progress of this commitment in 20162018 and 2020. This year’s report finds that high-income countries have not only failed to deliver on their commitment, but also – as in previous years – generous accounting practices have allowed them to overstate the level of support they have actually provided. Moreover, much of the finance has been provided as loans, which means that it risks increasing the debt burden of the countries it is supposed to help.

Report of Oxfam International

The ultra-rich are destroying the Earth

but even more: they are hurting the poor…

Two new scientific papers break down how the rich are destroying Earth | Salon.com

Poverty Reduction and Climate Finance

Economic growth, poverty reduction, and climate action are deeply interlinked: none can move ahead without the other. So why isn’t more happening?

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On Taxes: A Climate Finance Withholding Mechanism

The developed countries’ commitment to provide climate finance to the developing countries has remained unfulfilled. The Climate Finance Withholding Mechanism (CFWM) is a potential solution for addressing climate finance needs of the developing countries. The CFWM adopts the well settled “withholding mechanism” under the tax laws to provide a steady flow of funds to the developing countries.

Read South Center Proposal: NEW Tax Cooperation Policy Brief: Climate Finance Withholding Mechanism (mailchi.mp)

Energy Transition or Development? Do developing Countries need to Choose?

Countries with low access to energy and minimal contributions to greenhouse gas emissions are being asked to prioritise the low-carbon transition over economic growth.

Is this fair? Will the benefits of switching to net-zero outweigh the costs?

From an OECD Conference – read the article

Billionaires are far from harmless

Fuelling the climate crisis, they’re among the most dangerous people on Earth

The best hope of averting climate disaster may well be wealth taxes that significantly reduce the wealth and power of the superrich

Billionaires are far from harmless. Fuelling the climate crisis, they’re among the most dangerous people on Earth | The Star

Richest nations spend 30 times as much on military as on climate finance

This TNI report – co-researched with StopWapenhandel and Tipping Point North South – delves into the impact of the global arms race on climate change and finds that:

  • Richest nations (known as Annex 2 countries in climate negotiations) are spending 30 times as much on military as on climate finance
  • The military of NATO countries like US and UK are keen to say they are tackling emissions but in practice there is no evidence the military can reduce emissions while increasing its ‘bootprint’
  • Rather than providing climate finance, the richest countries are selling arms to the 40 most climate-vulnerable nations fueling conflict and instability as extreme weather worsens
  • Egypt is a disturbing case-study of a nation supported by arms deals rather than climate finance which aids a military regime in repressing its peoples

There has been silence on the impact of militarism on climate change for too long, but there are signs of growing awareness including at the UN climate talks (COP27). Alongside our research, there was an official event at the UNFCCC that looked at the Ukraine government’s calculations of war-time emissions. There was also a release of this report on 10 November that estimated the global military carbon footprint as making up 5.5% of global emissions (if it were a country it would be the fourth biggest in terms of emissions in the world).

The Super Rich are Funding Climate Devastation

A report based on the analysis of investments by 125 of the world’s richest billionaires …

The super-rich are funding climate devastation, report shows – The Boston Globe

For a Just Transition: a message for COP27

A Red Carpet Towards a Just Transition: Don’t Forget Social Justice! Not with preaching less and less and less but instead more wellbeing and more welfare. And global commons!

Leave no one behind: the red carpet back to the future! | Meer