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Financing the Common Good

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank recently held their annual spring meetings, which, according to the organisers, produced a “strong message of confidence and a willingness to cooperate.” But lofty rhetoric and good intentions will not be enough to create a truly inclusive and sustainable economy fit for the twenty-first century. For that, deep structural change is needed.

Article by Mariana Mazzucati

Global Commons

Ideas to shape the future and a new international economic order

in English, French and Spanish

by Francine Mestrum

For a Just Transition: a message for COP27

A Red Carpet Towards a Just Transition: Don’t Forget Social Justice! Not with preaching less and less and less but instead more wellbeing and more welfare. And global commons!

Leave no one behind: the red carpet back to the future! | Meer