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Economic Democracy instead of Wealth Supremacy

The extraction of wealth is a pathology of late capitalism and is defined by the cultural and political processes by which the rich establish themselves as the dominant class. Social theorist and organizer Marjorie Kelly labels this phenomenon “wealth supremacy” which is also the title of her latest book. But as she points out in this exclusive interview for Truthout, wealth supremacy, which has institutionalized greed, defines a system that is not only biased but rigged against the great bulk of the population and thus detrimental to the economy, the citizens and the planet. She argues, in turn, that a movement to build a democratic economy is our only way out.

The Only Solution to “Wealth Supremacy” Is a Democratic Economy | Truthout

Billionnaires or Democracy, but not both

The only way to steer American democracy to safety is to wrest money out of the claws of the wealthiest elites, who now control finances rivaling the economies of whole nations.

Billionaires or Democracy, But Not Both – LA Progressive

Consultancy Firms Undermine Governments

Greater government reliance on consulting companies has greatly enriched them while also undermining state capacities, capabilities, national economies, progress, governance and legitimacy = a problem of democracy!

Article by Jomo Kwame Sundaram and Ong Kar Jin

The billionaires that threaten democracy

They prioritize capital, not people …

The Billionaires Who Are Threatening Democracy – The Atlantic