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EU and minimum wages

The directive has already changed the landscape on setting minimum wages and extending collective bargaining.

Not done yet—applying the minimum-wages directive (socialeurope.eu)

EU: 33 million euros per hour missing

EU governments are losing out on a staggering 286.5 billion euros in revenue annually, equivalent to 33 million euros per hour, due to their failure to fairly tax Europe’s wealthiest. This amount, equivalent to Finland’s GDP, represents what a European wealth tax of up to 5 percent could raise every year, according to Oxfam’s analysis.

EU governments miss 33 million euros per hour in unpaid taxes from Europe’s super-rich | Oxfam International

The EU Platform Work Directive

Having seen off the platforms’ obstruction, the battle moves to how the directive will be transposed and implemented at the national levels.

Platform work directive—delivering rights for all (socialeurope.eu)

Reforming the European Workers’ Council

Might be a positive development …

European Works Councils: on a road to further reform (socialeurope.eu)

The EU needs stronger social conditionality

The rules for allocation of EU funds should be more transparent and provide a meaningful role for the social partners.

EU funds need stronger social conditionality (socialeurope.eu)

On the involvement of social partners: collective bargaining or social dialogue

The European Commission is not yet very clear on how it wants to ensure the involvement of social partners.

Christophe Degryse explains how and what