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Financing the Common Good

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank recently held their annual spring meetings, which, according to the organisers, produced a “strong message of confidence and a willingness to cooperate.” But lofty rhetoric and good intentions will not be enough to create a truly inclusive and sustainable economy fit for the twenty-first century. For that, deep structural change is needed.

Article by Mariana Mazzucati

Financing the Common Good

Mariana Mazzucato:

The UN has warned that ‘humanity’s very survival’ is threatened. Radical reform of international finance is required.

Financing the common good (socialeurope.eu)

Today’s Wall Street Oblivion Worse than it was in 2008

The years leading up to the stock market crash in December 2008 were a classic example of an economic disaster that never should have happened. A minority of financial experts had cited obvious signs of a seriously weakening economy. Yet the leaders of our most prestigious financial institutions, and the government agencies that were supposed to regulate them, were oblivious to the dangers.

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2023: A more just world is still possible

Eurodad Director Jean Saldanha looks forward to the challenges and solutions in 2023.

2023: A more just world is still possible – Eurodad

Needed Global Financial Reforms Foregone Yet Again

Once crises subside, calls for more regulation, intervention and reform quickly evaporate as the government is told to withdraw. New financial opportunities are touted, instead of needed reforms.

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