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Why Inequality matters …

On Labour’s ‘deselection’ of a candidate who fights inequality …

Why Wealth Inequality Matters, Part 2: Reflections on the deselection of Faiza Shaheen | LSE Inequalities

Who is afraid of redistribution?

There is a growing attack on the entire idea of redistribution, with social benefits being decried as freebies even as the super-rich are praised as wealth creators.

An article by Jean Drèze

Who Is Afraid of Redistribution? | Economic and Political Weekly (epw.in)

Class dismissed? The economic mystery of our times

Inequality was traditionally the central concern of economists—until it wasn’t. It may be time to re-read the classics.

Exactly what Branco Milanovic did!

Class dismissed (prospectmagazine.co.uk)

Wage Inequality in Europe is Falling

Institutional and economic factors supporting workers are offsetting well-adverted global trends affecting wage distribution.

Wage inequality in Europe—and why it is falling (socialeurope.eu)

The Problematic Past, Present, and Future of Inequality Studies

Branko Milanović’s century-spanning intellectual history of inequality in economic theory reveals the ideological reasons behind the field’s resurgence in the last few decades.

The Problematic Past, Present, and Future of Inequality Studies | The Nation

Inequality and Methodology

For those wondering how Oxfam arrives at its inequality statistics, here is their methodology report:

Davos 2024 Methodology Note.pdf (oi-files-d8-prod.s3.eu-west-2.amazonaws.com)

Inequality Inc.

Since 2020, the richest five men in the world have doubled their fortunes. During the same period, almost five billion people globally have become poorer. Hardship and hunger are a daily reality for many people worldwide. At current rates, it will take 230 years to end poverty, but we could have our first trillionaire in a decade.

The nex Oxfam Report!

More Poverty, more Inequality…

Look at the charts of the World Bank: 2023 was noty positive at all. More poverty, more inequality, ‘development work more complicated’…

2023 in Nine Charts: A Growing Inequality (worldbank.org)

A sophisticated form of Wage Theft

For the first time in the history of collective bargaining negotiations, the wage differential between top management and rank-and-file workers has become an underlying issue. The striking autoworkers’ claim for a 40% raise was partly justified by noting that 40% is the wage increase received by the auto companies’ CEOs over the past four years.

Commentary: CEO, worker wage gap is sophisticated form of wage theft – Boston Business Journal (bizjournals.com)

What the IMF thinks of Milanovic’ Visions of Inequality

Rising economic inequality in many countries, especially the rich ones, in recent decades has emerged as an important topic of political debate and a major public policy concern. Widening economic disparities and related anxieties are stoking social discontent and are a major driver of the increased skepticism about public institutions, political polarization, and populist nationalism that are so evident today. Visions of Inequality, a new book by Branko Milanovic, a leading scholar of inequality, places today’s concerns and debate in context. It is an absorbing account of how thinking about inequality has evolved.

Read it here

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