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Migrant Labour in the GIG Economy

Platform work is often presented as a stepping-stone for migrant workers. It may not however feel so benign to them.

Migrant labour in the ‘gig’ economy: progress or trap? (socialeurope.eu)

Wage Inequality in Europe is Falling

Institutional and economic factors supporting workers are offsetting well-adverted global trends affecting wage distribution.

Wage inequality in Europe—and why it is falling (socialeurope.eu)

A new concept of ‘worker’?

The distinction between employed and self-employed is becoming incoherent and outdated.

Social Europe needs a new concept of ‘worker’

What is a Living Wage?

The ILO has formally agreed on a definition for a living wage – an essential part of the New Social Contract – to reshape the global economy to serve the interests of working people.

ILO agreement on living wage definition “a leap forward for social justice” – International Trade Union Confederation (ituc-csi.org)

Staffing in Health and Social Care sector

An EU directive should mandate member states to address shortages as a risk to occupational health.

Establishing safe staffing in health and social care (socialeurope.eu)

Platform work: Illusions of substance

The EU is strengthening the rights of platform workers. But companies are left with loopholes that not every member state wants to close

Illusion of substance – European integration | IPS Journal (ips-journal.eu)

The new platform of rights for gig workers

A presumption of employment and rights on algorithmic management are at the heart of the revived platform-work directive.

‘Gig’ workers in Europe: the new platform of rights (socialeurope.eu)

Needed: a Job Guarantee

A job guarantee would not only eliminate long-term unemployment but also buttress the European Union.

Insecure Europe—a job guarantee needed (socialeurope.eu)

Reforming the European Workers’ Council

Might be a positive development …

European Works Councils: on a road to further reform (socialeurope.eu)

International Day for Migrant Workers

This International Migrants Day, 18 December, the ITUC highlights the work of trade unions around the world to protect, promote and fulfil migrant workers’ rights.

The report, Trade Unions in Action for the Rights of Migrant Workers, showcases organising, campaigning, advocacy and direct support activities carried out by trade union organisations from 10 countries.

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