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Migrant Labour in the GIG Economy

Platform work is often presented as a stepping-stone for migrant workers. It may not however feel so benign to them.

Migrant labour in the ‘gig’ economy: progress or trap? (socialeurope.eu)

International Day for Migrant Workers

This International Migrants Day, 18 December, the ITUC highlights the work of trade unions around the world to protect, promote and fulfil migrant workers’ rights.

The report, Trade Unions in Action for the Rights of Migrant Workers, showcases organising, campaigning, advocacy and direct support activities carried out by trade union organisations from 10 countries.

All work and low pay: Europe’s migrant workforce

To really end labour shortages, Ankita Anand writes, Europe must transform its contract with the global south.

Debunking the Five Major Myths About Outmigration

Don’t tax the rich! If you do, they will leave the country … Well, no, they won’t! Read here why not

Debunking the Five Major Myths About Outmigration – Mass. Budget and Policy Center (massbudget.org)