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Social Protection for all?

Despite the European Pillar of Social Rights, social protection remains patchy for atypical and self-employed workers.

Delivering on social protection for all (socialeurope.eu)

The World Bank and Social Protection

The World Bank Group promotes a model of social protection
via poverty-targeted programmes that are error-strewn and can
cause social unease, and set back progress towards universal
social protection. But a global coalition, led by borrowing govern
ments themselves, is fighting back. This briefing is based on Mat
thew’s book, Beyond the World Bank: The Fight for Universal Social
Protection in the Global South, which explores the Bank’s approach
to social protection.

WBG-Social-protection-Mathew-Greenslade-FINAL-web.pdf (brettonwoodsproject.org)

Lessons from 100 years of social protection

ILO’s second volume on the history of social protection!

Building Resilient Social Protection Systems through Integrated Policies: Lessons from 100 years of social protection | socialprotection.org

Universal Social Security Schemes in Poor Countries

Challenging the misconception that universal social security is only viable in high-income countries, this paper compiles examples of ongoing universal coverage schemes in low- and middle-income countries, focusing on old age, disability, and child benefits.

Taking stock of progress: A compilation of universal social security schemes in low- and middle-income countries – Development Pathways

Input to the ‘Future Summit’

The Global Coalition for Social Protection Floors prepared its input to the ‘Future Summit’ of the United Nations that will be organised in 2024.

2023-GCSPF-submission-of-inputs-to-the-SotF.pdf (socialprotectionfloorscoalition.org)

Analysis of the IMF Strategy on Social Spending

Four years have passed since the International Monetary Fund adopted a new
Strategy for Engagement on Social Spending that was meant to increase the
support that IMF gives to national policies on social protection, health and
education. The Fund interprets this as instructing its staff to focus on the
adequacy, efficiency and sustainability of social programs when they can affect
macroeconomic conditions (are “macro-critical”) in member countries. The
staff make their judgments during annual assessments of macroeconomic
conditions in individual countries or when devising policy adjustment
programs with countries that need to work toward recovery from
macroeconomic crises. One way to assess how the new strategy is being
implemented is to look for changes in IMF advice and the policy requirements
for IMF loans. Results so far have not been encouraging, although it is still

Read the article by Barry Herman

A Global Fund for Social Protection

The recent social, ecological and economic crises have not only revealed the gaps in social protection systems across the world, but also drawn global attention to the ways in which international financial architectures have failed to support the development of universal social protection systems and floors. Within this context, this paper examines the idea of a global fund for
social protection (GFSP) which has emerged as a potential solution to these structural failings.
By drawing on the experiences of seven global funds across the health, climate, and agriculture
sectors, the aim of this working paper is to identify key lessons that can guide the possible implementation of a prospective GFSP. Through a careful analysis of the governance structures,
norms and standards of these funds, the paper makes certain recommendations to be taken
into consideration if a GFSP is to be developed and implemented in the future.

A global fund for social protection (ilo.org)

Social Security for All: Key Pillar for New Eco-Social Contract

Governments and international financial institutions should make a commitment to create social security systems that enable everyone to realize their rights, 43 human rights and economic justice organizations said today. Governments and financial institutions should end policies that have been failing millions of people.
The groups sent a joint statement to the World Bank and International Monetary Fund in advance of the 2023 annual meetings of both institutions in Marrakesh, Morocco, from October 9 to 15, 2023.

Inequality, Social Protection and the Right to Development

The Human Rights Council of the UN just published the Report of the Expert Mechanism on the Right to Development.

An interesting document with new arguments for defending and promoting not only ‘social protection’ but a new perspective on ‘development’.

Inequality, social protection and the right to development” (A/HRC/54/83)

An affordable and feasible way to universal social security

This new paper from Stephen Kidd, Nayha Mansoor and Angela Barca explains how universal social security can be achieved, in spite of government fiscal constraints.

In a collaboration with Act Church of Sweden and Action Against Hunger, the study also outlines how schemes could be rolled out in specific countries, and the potential impacts of universal systems.

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