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The UN’s Pact for the Future

The South Centre and the Transnational Institute organized on 11 April of 2024 in Geneva a pivotal dialogue on the expected outcomes of the forthcoming United Nations (UN) Summit of the Future. The dialogue was specifically designed to allow International Geneva to dissect and exchange ideas on the ongoing negotiation process towards the ‘Pact for the Future’.

The dialogue brought together representatives from developing countries, scholars, researchers, and civil society organisations (CSOs) in a collective effort to deliberate on the Summit’s objectives and the proposed outcome document.

SouthNews: Geneva Dialogue on the UN ‘Pact for the Future’ (mailchi.mp)

Step forward in UN Tax Convention Process

International tax dodging, corporate tax reform, wealth taxes and environmental tax issues were all on the agenda of the first substantial negotiations of the UN Tax Convention process, which ended this week in New York. The process included all 193 Member States at the United Nations, and at the final plenary, all countries reached a consensus agreement on the next – and final – negotiating round, starting in July this year. 

Important step forward for UN Tax Convention process – Eurodad

ITUC asks for systemic shift

The ITUC demands substantial changes in global financial strategies to better meet the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), after the conclusion of the United Nations’ Financing for Development Forum (FfD Forum).

ITUC calls for “systemic shift” at UN Financing for Development Forum – International Trade Union Confederation (ituc-csi.org)

Submission for a UN Tax Convention

As the negotiations of Terms of Reference for a new United Nations Framework Convention on International Tax Cooperation move forward, over 170 organisations and trade unions have responded to a consultation and made a joint submission to the Chair of the negotiations, specifying the key points that we expect the Convention to deliver on.

More than 170 CSOs and trade unions issue joint submission regarding a UN Framework Convention on International Tax Cooperation (eurodad.org)

UN Pact for the Future

What does it offer for the reform of the international financial architecture?

The UN Pact for the Future | Global Policy Forum

Input to the ‘Future Summit’

The Global Coalition for Social Protection Floors prepared its input to the ‘Future Summit’ of the United Nations that will be organised in 2024.

2023-GCSPF-submission-of-inputs-to-the-SotF.pdf (socialprotectionfloorscoalition.org)

A real chance for international tax cooperation

After decades of resistance by rich nations, African governments successfully pushed for the United Nations to lead on international tax cooperation. All developing countries and fair-minded governments must rally behind this initiative.

Read Jomo Kwame Sundartam’s article

Last chance for SDGs and climate?

Major financing for development (FfD) innovations have long been initiated by the UN. Special drawing rights (SDRs), ‘0.7 per cent of national income’ for official development assistance (ODA) and debt relief were all conceived in the UN around half a century ago.

The financialization of recent decades has undermined the mobilization and deployment of adequate financial resources to accelerate sustainable development and address global warming.

During the 1990s, the UN warned against new threats to economic stability. Some were due to volatile private capital flows and speculation, encouraged by deregulated financial markets, enabled by the IMF despite its Articles of Agreement.

By contrast, the UN has insisted on ensuring policy space for more effective development strategies by Member States. It has also urged macroeconomic policies to support long-term growth, technological progress and economic diversification.

The UN Secretariat has also promoted orderly sovereign debt relief. But Member States have long complained IFIs were shirking their mandates to provide financial stability and adequate long-term development finance.

Jomo Kwame Sundaram


In favour of a UN Tax Convention

The Secretary-General of the United Nations (UN) has published an advanced unedited version of a game-changing report. It outlines the options for strengthening the inclusiveness and effectiveness of international tax cooperation and presents three possible roads ahead, all under the auspices of the UN. Eurodad welcomes this truly historic moment in international tax cooperation.

and also read Eurodad’s report on the same topic:

UN Finance for Development Process: the Best Chance for Democratic Economic Governance?

  • As BWIs fail to transform, countries should re-embrace more democratic space at the United Nations
  • UN Financing for Development Conference on horizon, with historic progress on tax cooperation raising hopes on debt

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