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World Health Organisation at 75

World Health Day this year marks 75 years of WHO. WHO has presented a timeline for these years. You might think of different issues that could have been  highlighted. The Lancet has published its version of a timeline for WHO 75 years 


Strengthening the World Health Organisation

New research paper from the South Center:

The World Health Organization (WHO) should act as the directing and coordinating authority in global health but it has been steadily marginalized over time by design, through criticism as an inefficient organization, the reduction of assessed contributions and consequent impoverishment, and the proliferation of “new” international health agencies to which WHO has been compelled to cede operational space. This paper discusses how such marginalization of the WHO is in the interest of the dominant actors in global health, and leads to the neglect of health as a development issue. Today the global health system is more fragmented than it was when the WHO was established in 1948.