Sustainable development and just transition?

On the many dilemma’s, questions and problems concerning de-growth, post-growth, beyond growth … and its link to social justice. Also, what is ‘just transition’ if we think of labour market developments? And how to solve the inextricable problem of extractivism when the transition requires millions of tons of minerals?

Sustainable development and just transition? | Meer

When life gives you lemons, make anti-poverty strategies

As the Porto Social Forum convenes, two years on from the Social Summit there, it’s time to upgrade the EU social agenda.

When life gives you lemons, make anti-poverty strategies (

The billionaires that threaten democracy

They prioritize capital, not people …

The Billionaires Who Are Threatening Democracy – The Atlantic

G7 owes a 13 trillion US$ Debt to the Global South

Wealthy Group of Seven (G7) countries owe low- and middle-income countries $13.3 trillion in unpaid aid and funding for climate action, reveals new analysis from Oxfam ahead of the G7 Summit in Hiroshima, Japan. 

Despite failing to pay what they owe, G7 countries and their rich bankers are demanding that Global South countries pay $232 million a day in debt repayments through 2028. This money could otherwise be spent on healthcare, education, gender equality and social protection, as well as addressing the impacts of climate change.

G7 owes huge $13 trillion debt to Global South | Oxfam International

Advancing social justice

The report of the ILO Director-General to the International Labour Conference focuses on the need for greater social justice globally and the means to achieve it, and highlights the opportunities that exist, both nationally and internationally, for furthering the ILO’s human-centred and rights-based approach.

Report I(A) – Report of the Director-General: Advancing social justice (

The EU needs stronger social conditionality

The rules for allocation of EU funds should be more transparent and provide a meaningful role for the social partners.

EU funds need stronger social conditionality (

A new international Financing Mechanism for Social Protection?

What we think of it:

2023-GCSPF-WG-Statement-on-governing-principles-on-financing.pdf (

AI at work: how to involve workers?

Rather than being displaced or controlled by AI, workers should be co-designers of its workplace deployment.

Introducing AI at work: workers must be involved (

We are all ‘salts’

Don’t know what it means? Then read the article!

Today’s revival of union “salting” could not be more welcome or more urgently needed.

A tactic as old as the labor movement itself, salting describes going to work in an unorganized workplace where there may be a chance to help initiate new union organizing.

It’s also a label for taking jobs at already unionized employers, hoping to play a positive role. But here I will deal with the former: taking jobs to help spur new organizing.

Viewpoint: We Are All Salts | Labor Notes

Financing the Common Good

Mariana Mazzucato:

The UN has warned that ‘humanity’s very survival’ is threatened. Radical reform of international finance is required.

Financing the common good (

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