At a time when the self workers and Informal workers are adversely affected and the struggle of the Global self workers and Informal workers are happening worldwide, the Self Workers and Informal workers need stronger, dynamic, mass based trade union movement, trade unions with deep and stable roots within the all sectors of informal workers. Self Workers Global (SWG Henceforth) is an international non-profit organization with a broad trade union spirit, born to defend the rights of the self-employed workers across global informal economy. SWG wants to defend and protect dignity of self-employment in all their facets, and for this, SWG is in the process of building associations and collaborators around the world. SWG is first of its kind- a global federation of organization engaged with complex question of self employment around the world.
SWG believes and intend to give voice to millions of self-employed, inside and outside the formal economy, represent them and meet their needs claims, so that the Self-employment work have the dignity and recognition of contribution to the economy it deserves.
“We move “Forward” with struggle, internationalism and unity.