In time for the International Women’s Day, women across the world reaffirm that they are a powerful force to be reckoned with as they collectively fight against oppression and break down systemic and structural barriers.In the face of the pandemic, women in all their diversity – in the unions and factories, in farms and indigenous communities, in urban poor centers in structured organizations or informal movements – continued to mobilize and put themselves at the forefront of the fight against COVID-19, and the struggle against the deepening political and socio-economic crises inherent to a patriarchal, colonial, racist and imperialist system. 
Thus, on this International Women’s day, we celebrate the billions of women who continue to raise our voices, strike down barriers, and call for collective action and solidarity. Now more than ever, we reaffirm that if women stop, the world stops!
How to engage on March 8, 2022 
1. Raise your voice on social media using the hashtag #WomensGlobalStrike and tagging @ESCRNet and @WomensGblStrike. You can also use our social media kit to echo our key demands for systemic change. 
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2. Artivism!

We want to highlight and showcase women’s collective power during the time of pandemic. Please share with us your photos, videos, podcasts, short films, story books, digital posters, songs, poems and other creative works which demonstrate your individual/collective journey of resilience, resistance and leadership. Your work will be showcased throughout March on the Women’s Global Strike website. You can email your submissions to Follow the Strike: Website:
Facebook: @WomensGlobalStrike
Twitter: @WomensGblStrike
Instagram: @womensglobalstrike4. Start sharing!

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Key Resources 
Political Statement  Share the Political Statement 2022 (In Arabic, French, Spanish and English) Go to the Political Statement Social Pact on Care Download the Social Pact on Care fact-sheet (In Arabic, French, Spanish and English) Download
We thank and congratulate members of the Women and ESCR working group who have provided strong leadership in showing the world why a feminist future matters.