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ILO: Towards a Renewed Social Contract

“The constant attention paid to wealth will cause the nation one day to be faced with
an immense mass of people hostile to its institutions, disdaining all that was once
held sacred and delivering itself into the hands of the most savage demagogues.”

Towards a renewed social contract. Report of the ILO Director-General | International Labour Organization

Financing Gap for Universal Social Protection

The primary aim of this ILO study is to provide updated estimates of the financing gap to attain universal coverage for social protection floors. This estimation encompasses 133 low- and middle-income countries, and includes five income security guarantees (for children, persons with severe disabilities, mothers of newborns, older persons and the unemployed), together with essential health care. 

Financing gap for universal social protection: Global, regional and national estimates and strategies for creating fiscal space | International Labour Organization (ilo.org)

Lessons from 100 years of social protection

ILO’s second volume on the history of social protection!

Building Resilient Social Protection Systems through Integrated Policies: Lessons from 100 years of social protection | socialprotection.org

75 Years of Human Rights and Labour Advocacy

On the 75th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and ILO Convention 87, ILO Director-General Gilbert F. Houngbo calls for intensified efforts to promote and protect these rights and collectively strive for a future grounded in human dignity, freedom, and social justice.

Human Rights Day: 75 Years of Human Rights and Labour Advocacy (ilo.org)

Against inequalities in the world of work

An ILO conference adopted a declaration committing to enhance action towards the development and implementation of national policies to reduce and prevent inequalities in the world of work, through social dialogue. Such policies will respond to national circumstances, needs and priorities, based on tripartite consensus.

ILO-AICESIS International Conference: Social dialogue institutions pledge to tackle inequalities in the world of work

ILO: Let us bend the Arc of History in favour of Social Justice

The Director-General of the International Labour Organization (ILO), Gilbert F. Houngbo, called upon countries to, “bend the arc of history in favour of social justice” as he addressed a two-day World of Work Summit  in Geneva, Switzerland.

“Greater social justice gives us a cause to rally round. But is much more than that. It is a driving force that can steer us towards a more equitable and sustainable future. As such, it must become our guiding principle, for both policies and action,” said Houngbo.

World of Work Summit: Let’s bend the arc of history in favour of social justice, says ILO Director-General

Advancing social justice

The report of the ILO Director-General to the International Labour Conference focuses on the need for greater social justice globally and the means to achieve it, and highlights the opportunities that exist, both nationally and internationally, for furthering the ILO’s human-centred and rights-based approach.

Report I(A) – Report of the Director-General: Advancing social justice (ilo.org)

ILO: Social Justice needed for overcoming global challenges

In statements delivered to the World Bank/International Monetary Fund Spring Meetings in Washington, the ILO Director-General, Gilbert F. Houngbo, highlighted growing inequality worldwide and the need for social justice.

He called for coherent multilateral action to strengthen the social dimension of sustainable development and economic growth – as envisaged by the ILO’s proposed Global Coalition for Social Justice.

World Bank / IMF Spring Meetings: Social justice indispensable to overcome global challenges, ILO tells World Bank/IMF

Take time to reflect on water!

ILO conference on water, this most basic of all basic commons we have!

Take Time to Reflect on Water | United Nations

World Day of Social Justice

On this World Day of social justice, ILO Director general explains why social justice is crucial for our future:

ILO Director-General – why we need greater social justice | The Future of Work Podcast

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