Higher wages will solve the cost of living and jobs crises

ITUC’s annual World Economic and Social Outlook suggests that:

  •  The Ukraine conflict, an uneven recovery from the pandemic and ongoing bottlenecks in supply chains have created the conditions for stagflation in 2023.
  •  The absence of increases in labour incomes have created a cost-of-living crisis that threatens the livelihoods of households and risks depressing demand.
  •  The global jobs gap stood at 473 million in 2022, a rate of 12.3%, with a gender jobs gap to match the gender pay gap: The jobs gap for women is 15%, compared with 10.5% for men.
  •  Global employment is projected to expand by only 1% in 2023, down from 2.3% in 2022.
  •  Only 47% of people worldwide are covered by at least one social protection benefit.
  •  The unemployment rate for young people aged 15-24 is three times higher than that for adults.

Tell the ILO we need a New Social Contract that guarantees a fair deal for all working people!

The current model of globalisation puts profit ahead of people. The flawed rules of the global economy see working people take home an ever-smaller share of the wealth they create while corporations are allowed to extract, exploit and undermine. These rules are human-made and we can change them. It’s time for a New Social Contract between workers, government and business.

In June 2019, governments, workers and employers are coming together for a historic meeting to negotiate the International Labour Organization (ILO)’s Centennial Declaration. This is a once in a generation opportunity to let us fix the global economy and get it working for people.

What do we want:

  • Rights for all workers, whatever employment arrangements they have.
  • Fairer wages, including minimum wages on which people can live a decent life.
  • More control for people over their working time and more oversight over their bosses to make
  • sure they can’t discriminate or evade responsibilities.
  • Building justice into the climate and technology transition.

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